Hermus appetite reduction product

Made in Mexico


The new color of Hermus tablets was changed to black

All new Hermus pills will be available in black from November 5

No side effects and long-term 💯

No need for exercise and diet 💯

✔️✔️ Slight weight reduction between 5 to 8 kg for 40-digit packages

✔️✔️ Reduction of 2 to 4 sizes in one period

Hermes product has numerous properties due to its rare plants, which in addition to suppressing appetite and increasing metabolism, will also help treat body size problems.

Note: If the dose of the product is strong, open the contents of the capsule and pour it into a liter of water and drink it in the morning and in the afternoon.

Lowering blood cholesterol

Constipation treatment

Prevent hair loss due to the presence of orange oil

Increase metabolism and help hydrate the skin due to the presence of substances called alkaloids and cinnaphin

Strengthens the body's immunity and prevents muscle wasting and clears the skin due to the presence of a plant called marsh tulip, which is rich in vitamins C, B2, B6, B1 and manganese.

Increases energy and relieves fatigue due to the presence of a substance called bee pollen, increases vitamin A and prevents aging due to the presence of a plant called cassia seed

✅ 40 Hermes capsules

How to use: One in the morning with 2 glasses of water

prohibited usage :

Breastfeeding women
Pregnant women
Ages under 18 and over 60 years
Those who have heart disease
Those who have high blood pressure
Those who have kidney and liver problems

To prevent poor,unauthorized reproduction and distribution of its products illicit dealers,and to enhance produce assurance andsafety,this Company has put in place a serial number authentication system to verify the originality and ensure the quality of the product.

- you will see a message in green if the produce is original
- you will see a message in yellow if the serial number have already been used
- you will see a message in red if the serial number as well as the product are counterfeit,cautioning you againse purchase of the product
Please do not buy and use counterfeit products.This Company will take no responsibility or liability for cheap,counterfeit products.
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